Revive Me Women in Business Coaching-Accelerate business success series
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Revive Me Women in Business Coaching workshops are for women in professions with specialist skills and business owners who are committed to learning business development and marketing skills with accountability and support from monthly coaching workshops.

We meet every fourth Thursday of the month for 2 hours at Chamber of Commerce meeting room in New Plymouth, from May 2017 onwards our meeting will be video recorded as a webinar for attendees who can't make it in person and be able to access online. Topic handouts can be accessed online.

Revive me women in business group meetings have evolved from the needs of growing Women in business and independent working professionals, who appreciate continuous learning, open exchanges, group accountability and coaching to accelerate business and personal success.

Meetings are held with small groups with a maximum capacity of 10.

Course content:
1. Increase retention rate
How to provide excellent customer services and care.

2. Get Smarter with Social Media Increase efficiency by using online tools, outsourcing, joint promotions, and bundling.

3. Lead generation system
Generating new leads by reaching out to new customer is often the most important task a business would undertake to grow.

4. Average transaction value
Focus on improving the quality of the goods and services so that the higher price set is justifiable.

5. Transaction frequency
Ways to increase sales and service to existing customer.

6. Reviewing cost of goods sold (COGS) & Overheads
Review current systems and processes to ensure they are cost-effective and efficient, to increase profit margin without having to alter the prices.

7. Know your planning
Have a clear end goal in mind and take the time to plan your steps towards it.

8. Prioritise and schedule your plan for execution
Set KPIs to keep track
Review and reflect at every milestone
Make tweaks and changes to your schedule/execution for improved efficiency

Learning outcomes:
•Develop business vision and clarity
•Maximise time and productivity
•Get SMARTER with use of IT tools for SMB
•Grow business profitability with financial planning, business development, and joint marketing actions

Time commitment:
2 hours to attend workshop per month.
4-6 of hours to work on business actions.
Review and report to accountability group in next meeting.

With continuous accountability and support.
30min follow up call or online business support and coaching per month.

$180+GST for 3 months
$660+GST for annual
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