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Nearly all businesses in NZ need to find out about insurance mechanisms and risk management processes.

Business planning should involve risk management. It is one thing to grow a business and quite another to ensure its survival.

Business Performance International can help train your Directors and Executives so that they become qualified for Risk and Compliance Management systems. National Certificates and Diplomas will soon be available. They will be offered at exceptional rates for companies who wish to succeed. The participants will learn about ISO 19600 and ISO 31000 plus AS/NZS 4360 which are the top risk management standards in the world.

Course participants will be able to learn how to make, manage and monitor their systems to gain top quality contracts in a competitive environment.

The courses will teach you about insurance. How to identify companies that are big enough and powerful enough to be reliable when half of the NZ companies have recently folded or been taken over.

Learn about excess ratios, arranging your exclusions to avoid undue risk, achieving actuarial ratings that will impress your underwriters.

Most companies pay the average NZ rates that are postulated as the lowest and best by the local brokers who usually know nothing about Highly Protected Risk rates from the top internationals.

Training courses will be offered to teach Directors and Executives in risk analysis matrices, risk reduction methodologies, controls to ensure low premium rates that can be 75% lower that the best available in NZ.

The participants should include Directors, senior executives and CFOs who need to know things that their brokers are not able to tell them.

Two short courses should be considered for 3-4 senior Managers for negotiated fees of around $4000 plus GST. It is expected that most participants will save several times their fees every year for many years ahead.
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