Digital Media Overhaul
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Are your digital media efforts keeping pace with consumers’ changing habits? Are you looking to the horizon, or plugging away and hoping your digital activity is still relevant?

Through this tailored workshop you can come away knowing:

- Where you currently are – let’s take stock of all your digital assets, and what they’re doing for you
- What level of digital maturity does your organisation have, and what can you do to take it to the next level?
- Which goals are most important to you (big picture) and the micro goals you can work on to achieve them
- Where to spend your money and which platforms to be on today and into 2020+

You’ll learn:
- How to deliver sophisticated content and ad campaigns (through both paid and organic methods) – don’t just produce content for the sake of content
- Where the organic (unpaid) digital marketing opportunities exist now (combating the diminishing reach of brands) – hint: it’s not your facebook posts
- Which metrics to pay attention to, based on your specific goals
- How to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts (digital or otherwise)
- How to identify where things aren’t working, and adapt to fix them

You’ll come away with:
- Social / digital landscape trends for 2019 / 2020
- Templates to help you evaluate marketing decisions now and in the future
- The outline for your comprehensive digital media strategy, that you can take away and continue to evolve in real life

This is a one-on-one workshop tailored to focus on the unique needs of your organisation.

Time commitment: 2 x 3.5 hour sessions

Investment: $775 for 1 - 4 team members from the same organisation.

Additional costs for venue, catering and larger group sizes available on request.

InHouse Marketing Workshops offer practical real-world learning opportunites to help you Think, Plan and Do. Ask us for a testimonial.

Contact: Jodi Baxter
Phone: 0221566817
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