Business Leadership – Business Growth Mindset
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The aim of this programme is for you the Business Leader to gain the clarity, direction and new skills for your business success. Creating the goals and action plans to achieve that success across the key areas of your business.

A key part of the programme is equipping you with the new tools and skills to confidently and effectively grow your business, lead your team and overcome the challenges you face in growing your business.

This Business Results Programme provides one-on-one coaching tailored to your individual needs, training, challenge and practise to provide you the growth you need.

A comprehensive personality profile is included which details your strengths, challenges, areas of conflict and highest potential.

The focus of this programme is to provide business and personal breakthroughs and transformation. You will find the programme practical, challenging, insightful and thought provoking

Covered in this training are the following topics:

1. Creating your clear business vision for success
2. Understanding your business values (True North) and mission
3. Developing robust, powerful goals to achieve from rapid 60 day growth to longer term goals
4. Understanding your personal values, intrinsic motivations and drivers
5. Awareness and understanding of your leadership thinking style, believes and unconscious biases
6. Leadership communication – the problem ownership model, empowering your staff, conflict resolution
7. Harnessing and increasing your confidence and influence
8. Effective Time management – prioritisation, delegation, avoiding obstacles and distractions, short-term goal setting
9. Turning ideas into Action
10. Overcoming procrastination, fear of failure, fear of success
11. Building resilience and stress management skills
12. Effectively setting boundaries with staff, customers and suppliers
13. Business Creativity and Success - creating innovative, fresh ideas for growth with an action plan for your business success.
14. Harness your inner dialogue to move from harsh critic to supportive coach
15. Overcoming self-doubt

Clients receive weekly tasks and complete a weekly accountability summary of the meeting and agreed action steps for the following week.

Examples of previous client key projects:

• New business owner created a clear vision, goals and road map to be established and building growth
• Business moved from high gross profit but net loss to increased net profit of 300%
• Business owner developed full inner confidence and leadership skills
• Established clear business strategy, plans and goals
• Law firm increased billable hours by 20%

Duration (sessions/hours): 3 month programme consisting of 13 individual coaching sessions ranging from 1 - 2 hours each that can be in person, skype or phone and is available in all regions.

Full personality programme and growth tools included.

Your investment:

$3,725 (excl gst). Clients may pay this contract in 3 monthly installments over the programme period.


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