"Lean Thinking Training and Implementation"


Feedback Rating Great Trainer
Feedback Rating the approach to coaching the team to understand rather than tell them the answers is admirable
Feedback Rating the lean principles and training style to create a depth of knowledge within the organization is outstanding
Feedback Rating The principles are great to know in any business and a good reminder that being tidy and producing quality goods is valuable.
Feedback Rating Peter presents the information in a clear and concise way which is easy to understand and at the same time challenges and drives the implementation.
Feedback Rating Yes it was a great course and will provide a lot of value to our company. A lot of benefit in implementing changes.
Feedback Rating We would recommend this to other businesses. We are continuing to learn how to streamline our processes and ways in which to run the business as efficiently as possible. We still have a long road ahead but we can see the benefits already.
Feedback Rating made a positive impact on the business. Peter is excellent to work with
Feedback Rating The systems taught through this service have really streamlined our business. I would highly recommend this to any business looking to move to the next step to become more competitive in a competitive market.
Feedback Rating For our stage of business we found the Lean Thinking Training invaluable. We continue to try and implement this everyday.
Feedback Rating The service provided the Management Team with a different way of looking at the production process of the business and encouraged them to look "outside the square". Final decisions and full implementation are yet to be completed but some small changes already introduced have improved efficiency. Looking for to the next step.

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