Business Continuity Planning Session


Feedback Rating For me it gave complete clarity to what the future holds based on a few different scenarios. It made it possible ot make bigger decision with confidence moving forward.
Feedback Rating The planning was structured well and helped us focus on the current issues and the longer term plans
Feedback Rating MHCO broke down my business into small immediate actions that need to be taken providing clarity on how to move forward
Feedback Rating Great to get some clarity and direction as well as a 3rd party perspective on our situation. Thank you!
Feedback Rating MHCO are awesome! The really helped to give me some certainty on where we are heading for 2020 and 2021. It gave me a boost in confidence to get through Covid-19. Highly recommend.
Feedback Rating Was great to get some outside support, opinions and ideas. This gave me some confidence heading forward with a plan of what we need to consider and also tackle with urgency.
Feedback Rating The BCP with Nathan Maisey was a comprehensive and well organised look at my business from all aspects from wellbeing to cashflow. I came away with many good suggestions to implement with timelines on the actions. It gave me focus for the next few weeks of lockdown when I may have just sat around feeling hopeless.

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